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About Langkawi Cable Car

If you want to get the wings of birds and explore the beauty of ‘Jewel of Kedah’, then land over to the Oriental Village and select the option of Langkawi Cable Car. It is the award-winning, longest free-span mono-cable car that will take you above the canopy of ancient trees and through the 550 million years old rock formation up to the peak of Gunung Machinchang. No matter how old you are, enjoy this 15 minutes goose-bumping journey from the foothills of the Machinchang mountain base station.

Get the Langkawi Cable car tickets at the base station and get ready to soothe your eyes with glimpses of the flora and fauna of the surrounding area. Not just the cable car ride, but the route hosts several exhilarating attractions like Skydome, SkyGlide, and SkyRex. Alight at the intermediate station situated at 650m elevation point above the sea level to get a breath-taking panoramic view of the main island and surrounding islands. Climb the stairways from the top station and hold your breath to experience natural and structural wonders. Step into the world’s longest curved suspension SkyBridge to capture a beautiful, dramatic 360-degree view of rock tower peaks and glimpses of the beauty of Southern Thailand.


Langkawi Cable Car Package Options

You can even buy a variety of Langkawi Cable car packages to visit other attractions within the vicinity too. Combos like SkyCab + SkyDome + SkyRex + 3D Art Langkawi + Machinchang Petland, SkyCab + SkyDome + SkyRex + 3D Art Langkawi + Selfie Museum are mostly in demand.

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360° Gondola

The latest product of Langkawi SkyCab takes your cable car experience to new heights. You will enjoy the breezy surrounding and scenic beauty of Langkawi from the starting point to the highest point of the mountain.

Langkawi Cable Car Ticket price for riding a 360° Gondola can range between 155 RM to 160RM- per person.


  • Sharing basis (4 persons per cabin)
  • Complimentary entry to SkyRex, SkyDome, 3D Art Langkawi
  • Express lane admission
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Private Gondola

Some tourists have special demands like privacy. It is possible to purchase tickets for private gandola that ranges from 540 RM to 550 RM. and the whole ride is yours! Enjoy the mesmerizing journey over the canopies of ancient trees from Oriental Village base station to the peak of Mt. Machinchang with your loved one with your desired privacy.


  • No sharing with co-passengers
  • This Langkawi Cable car ticket option includes price for 6 persons
  • Complimentary entry to SkyRex, SkyDome, 3D Art Langkawi
  • Express lane admission
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VIP Gondola

Uplift your cable car journey with a high-end luxurious VIP Gondola. Enjoy the combined benefits of luxury and privacy that will give you full satisfaction. VIP Gondola passengers can now enjoy the food and drinks along with soothing melodies. The price for a VIP gondola ranges between 550RM to 560 RM.


  • No sharing with co-passengers
  • Langkawi cable car tickets for private gondola includes price for 3 persons
  • Complimentary entry to SkyRex, SkyDome, 3D Art Langkawi
  • Complimentary free meals
  • Express lane privilege
  • 3 sets of refreshments at SkyBistro
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Glass Bottom Gondola

Take the Langkawi cable car experience to the next level by improving the way of viewing it with a glass bottom gondola. Overcome your height phobia by daring yourself for this adventurous experience of moving from the base station to the peak point of Mt. Machinchang using a glass-bottom gondola.

Enjoy the dazzling view of the forest and rock formation of the mountain right under your feet. Seeing through glasses at the bottom will enable you to watch the beauty of nature below clearly. The ticket price for the glass bottom gondola ranges between 105 RM to 110 RM and is the same for both adult and child passengers. Inclusion

  • Express lane privilege
  • Complimentary entry to SkyRex, SkyDome, 3D Art Langkawi
  • Sharing with co-passengers (4 persons per cabin)
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SkyCab + SkyDome + SkyRex + 3D Art Langkawi + Selfie Museum

If you are an adventure-loving person, then this combo is perfect for you. Hop on board and enjoy other attractions like SkyCab, SkyDome, SkyRex. Accompany your adventurous journey with a ride through the eastern cliffs of Mt. Machinchang and sooth your eyes with the greenery of lush forests from above.

Satisfy your adrenaline rush by enjoying the ride with a bottom glass gondola. Explore some new 3D art paintings and be the subjects of the paintings on the wide display at 3D art Langkawi. Get social media applicable selfies with exotic lights, and dessert giants and fetch more likes and shares. Payments can be done using online booking only. The price for this skycab Langkawi package ranges from RM 49- RM 101 one ticket per person.


  • This Langkawi Cable car tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotions, discounts, offers unless stated.
  • Entry for children aged below 2 years is free.
  • Promotion is applied to all Malaysians and non-Malaysians.
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SkyCab + SkyDome + SkyRex + 3D Art Langkawi + Machinchang Petland

Enjoy the never-to-miss cable car ride with Langkawi Cable car tickets. Double your joy by bundling this ride with other attractions in the vicinity like SkyCab, SkyRex, and SkyDome. If you are an animal lover, then a visit to Machinchang Petland is a must.

Get an opportunity to interact and click photos with various species of animals and birds there. Irrespective of your interest in art, drop yourself at 3D art Langkawi to interact with your friends in new dimensions. Gift yourself and your loved ones with this bundle of happiness by purchasing a skycab Langkawi package at RM 45-RM 97. Inclusion

  • Langkawi cable car tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotions, discounts, offers unless stated.
  • Entry for children aged below 2 years is free.
  • Promotion is applied to all Malaysians and non-Malaysians.
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Attractions at Langkawi Cable Car

Along with the world-famous Langkawi Cable car, one must explore the other attractions to enrich the tour experience. The route uncovers several surprising attractions of both natural and human-made art, right from the starting point of Oriental Village. No wonder these attractions lift the Langkawi Cable Car experience to the next level. Dare yourself to these attractions and live life to the fullest!

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You can take a convenient glide in a cabin type transport in the upward or downward direction according to incline level using SkyGlide. The elevator-like glass transport reaches you faster to the top and is a perfect commute mode for those who don’t want a short jungle trail hike.

You can enjoy this 94-meter journey that takes less than 2 minutes to reach the top station along with a total of 12 passengers. Entry tickets for this SkyGlide Langkawi need to be taken separately at the Skyglide ticketing counter which is 16 RM for adults and 11 RM for children. Tourists prefer to try this attraction on their return journey from SkyBridge by purchasing a one-way ticket.

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Outdoor SkyDome is making noise among tourists visiting Langkawi. It is equipped with 12 HD projectors and offers a 10-minute showcase. The place can accommodate 50 pax and get overwhelming response along with the core aim of reducing waiting time.

No need to spend extra pennies, as entry to SkyDome Langkawi is included in Langkawi Cable Car ticket Price. The 360-degree 3D image projections that take the coverage of the entire view with an ease.

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The iconic Langkawi SkyBridge hits the not-to-miss list with the top position always. One will never wish to miss the chance to trail along the longest free span and curved bridge in the world, right? Built-in 2004, is the perfect example of human structural intelligence.

Currently, one can access this bridge from the top station of the Langkawi cable car. If you want to boost your adrenaline rush, then just extend your Langkawi cable car tickets with separate tickets for SkyBridge.

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Activities to Do at Langkawi Cable Car

Who wants to miss the scenic hover view of the 10-million-year-old rainforest? Definitely not! The Langkawi Island tour is incomplete if you miss the Langkawi skycab rides. The tram slayed commute which takes you through canopies of greenery and shows the iconic view of surrounding islands.

Get the leverage of bundles of packages that include other exciting activities to double your joy or go alone to explore the small shares of happiness on your own in this ‘Jewel of Kedah’. Definitely, you will love to enjoy the wide span of joy through strolling, animal interaction, movies, and much more!

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3D Art.jpg
Explore the Exhibits at 3D Art

Along with scenic natural beauty, get ready to see amazing 3D interactive paintings on Langkawi Island itself with is one of the best things to do in Panorama Langkawi. The 21,000 sq. feet build-up is located within the vicinity of the Oriental village and the experience is never-to-miss. This signature product of Langkawi SkyCab is in collaboration with Art in Paradise Langkawi.

You can visit the surreal gallery based on nine themes free of charge if you have a Skycab Langkawi ticket. Visitors irrespective of age return with an amazing memorable experience of interacting with the characters and getting the chance of becoming a subject on the wide display.

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6D Cinemotion.jpg
Watch a movie at 6D Cinemotion

2D and 3D are old-school now! Experience the new dimension of watching a movie at 6D Cinemotion Langkawi. You may select from the various options of effects like a 3D stereoscopic movie and 5D special effect seats.

The shows start from 9 AM to 7 PM with each show duration of 15 minutes. Enrich your vacation experience with your loved ones with the first outdoor entertainment cinemotion in Asia! Give some rest to your painful legs and divert your attention towards the characters in the movie that take you to the other world full of emotions! You can buy a separate ticket for this other than Langkawi Cable car tickets.

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Stroll at Oriental Village

Explore the scenic beauty of the Oriental Village through the open-air complex. The beautiful place is located at the foothill of Mt. Machinchang Geoforest Park and also serves as the entry point to the enchanting Langkawi Cable Car rides.

A simple stroll with woven hands with your loved ones will take you through the souvenir shops, mouth-watering food restaurants, spa, stalls, and some picturesque spots. Many tourists love to take this memorable experience of strolling in a renowned attraction along with them!

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Vr universal.jpg
Enjoy at VR Universal

Unlock your limit and step into the VR theme park to watch the world through the immersive VR experience! A huge 12,000 sq. Ft outlet with 12 thrilling attractions of VR Universal lets you interact physically with in-game or your friends with much-awaiting excitement.

The place is heaven for extreme game lovers that turn them upside down with 720-degree spinning Gyro Gasing! Extend your limits with this virtual journey where action and adventures go hand in hand!

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Machinchang Petland.jpg
Interact with animals at Machinchang Petland

If you are eagerly waiting to see some of the animals habitual to this wonderland, then Machinchang Petland Langkawi (MPL) is the perfect place to visit. This unique petting zoo allows visitors to interact with tame and exotic animals. A large canvas of 24,000 sq. ft with 2 zones is a happy home for more than 81 species.

The open field is just below the Langkawi skybus line. You can interact and take instagrammable photos along with the natural background of Mt. Machinchang. Zoo zone area is reserved for reptiles and other rare species like Antelope, Bat-Eared Fox, and more. Not only animals but feathery wonders like Mute Swan, and Pheasant Black Swan also enrich your visit!

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Sri Kandi.jpg
Visit Sri Kandi

Experience the womania magic in Sri Kandi! The name derived from titles given to female heroines who dominated the government and stood for women’s rights. To remember the great warriors of the Malay and pay tribute to their heroic actions and patriotism, one must visit this holistic place once in a life. You can frame your picture in traditional attire at Sri Kandi and experience the rich heritage all the time!

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Selfie Museum.jpeg
Click Pictures at Selfie Museum

Expand your imagination and be a selfie queen in the Selfie Museum at Langkawi. Open the doors to your imagination and get loads of likes and shares with marvellous content created here! Make your Outfit of The Day (OOTD) attraction of the day with the background of 300 led lights. Click photos with giant sculptures of all desserts and enjoy the Sangkaya ice cream and roll your cameras for more selfies!

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Have Fun at SkyRex

Take yourself into an immersive, multi-sensory cinematic 4D world by dropping yourself at SkyRex! A tram-slayed simulator will take you on the 5-minutes 4D adventurous trip which is full of water sprays, dramatic lighting, platform drops, and make the experience more realistic. If you have Langkawi Cable Car Tickets, then entry to SkyRex is free!

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Dining and Shopping

Relish your taste buds with a unique ambiance of 700 m above sea level at SkyBistro. Give your tummy an instant refreshment after sun walking, shaking legs with aromatic coffee, cool juices, and a few snacks. Chit-chat with your family or friends in a tantalizing panoramic view bistro place and spend some quality time here!

Take memories of Langkawi as merchandise from the SkyBoutique outlets ‌at base and top stations of Langkawi Skycab. Take memories of the beautiful journey along with you as clothes, kitchens, caps, and other merchandise. You can buy them from the online store too!

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Facts About Langkawi Cable Car

  • Entire Langkawi cable car journey of 2.2 Km is surrounded by 3 stations. The intermediate station is located 1.7 Kms from the base point. The rise to the top station is 680m in vertical and it is at 708 m above the sea level.
  • Diameter of the haul rope is 50 mm.
  • Langkawi cable car has grabbed the record of longest free span single rope of 919.5 m in the Malaysian Book of Records.
  • The operating speed of gondolas is 3 meters/second whereas the design speed is 5 meters/second.
  • Construction of the entire project took the period from April 2001 to August 2002. Public enjoyed free rides during the inauguration month of October 2002.

Know Before You Book Langkawi Cable Car Tickets

Essential Information

Location: Langkawi Cable car is hosted in the North of Telaga Harbour, Patani Kok. Land over to the west coast of Langkawi main island and enter the entrance within “Oriental Village”.

Timings: Langkawi cable car activities are open for all days including public holidays. The timing for the activities is 9.30 AM-6.00 PM. You can better check the calendar on the official website to ensure that your visit doesn’t go in vain.

How to Reach: Options available to reach the Langkawi Cable car point are taxi, rented car or motorbike. If you are a driving buddy, then you need to drive approximately 39 minutes from Kuah town and 20 minutes’ drive from the nearest airport of Langkawi. Download the navigation map on your gadgets and set the destination to Langkawi Skycab to reach without any hassle.

Best Time: The best time to visit Langkawi cable car falls between November to March. The Malaysian region gets more sunshine during this duration and makes the weather perfect for tourism. Island of Sumatra and the Malaysian mainland surrounds the geographical location of Langkawi, so it doesn’t fall for typical tropical weather.

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FAQs for Langkawi Cable Car

What is the length of the Langkawi cable car?

The length of the Langkawi cable car journey is 2.2 km from the base station to the top station. The route takes a duration of around 15 minutes and gives you an enchanting aerial view from the Oriental village at Teluk Burau to the peak of Gunung Machinchang.

Which is the best cable car ride in Malaysia?

Langkawi Cable Car is no doubt the best cable car ride in Malaysia. You can experience the enchanting experience of reaching new heights of Langkawi by hiring a private tour with Langkawi SkyBridge cable car and Langkawi Cable Car tickets to reach new heights in Malaysia.

How to reach the top station at Langkawi Island?

The best way to reach the top station is to opt for the Langkawi cable car . You can enjoy the 360-degree view of 708m above sea level through the domes of Langkawi cable cars. You can buy the Langkawi cable car tickets at the cable car station in Oriental Village base station.

How many seats are there in the Langkawi gondolas?

Langkawi gondolas have the capacity of carrying 6 persons per cabin. It can hold a total weight of up to 480Kg with maximum capacity of an average of 700 passengers per hour. You can either select from 4 bottom glass gondolas or 2 VIP gondolas (each with 3 leather seats) with different options of langkawi cable car tickets.

What is the Langkawi Cable Car?

Langkawi Cable Car aka Langkawi Skycab is a major attraction in Langkawi, Malaysia. The 125 meters length cable-stayed route offers mesmerising experience by providing an aerial view of the Oriental Village base station to the peak point of Gunung Machinchang mountain.

How long does it take to climb Langkawi Sky Bridge?

The journey to Langkawi Sky Bridge takes 30-90 minutes if you have an average fitness level. Langkawi sky bridge can be approached only by taking the Langkawi sky cab tickets to the peak station and buying a separate ticket other than langkawi cable car tickets. Either you can take a funicular with a glass encase or walk 150 meters down to the mountain.

How do I get to the Langkawi Sky Bridge?

A Cable car ride from the base station of Oriental Village will take you to the peak station of Mt. Mat Cincang. Here you can access the Langkawi Sky bridge through a stairway.

What is the length of the sky bridge in Malaysia?

Malaysia hosts a cable-stayed pedestrian bridge having a length of 125 meters or 410 feet. The bridge deck is 660 meters above sea level to offer a spectacular aerial view. Purchase your Langkawi vable car tickets at the base station and enjoy the experience.

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