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Activities To Do in Panorama Langkawi

Spread across acres of lush landscapes there are plenty of things to do in panorama Langkawi. The tourist attraction is majorly known for the Langkawi cable car right experience which in itself is an adventure and is popular among Thrillseekers. In addition to the cable car and experience, the panorama Langkawi also offers other tourist attractions like the selfie museum and 3-D art museum. Visitors also get to enjoy different rights like the 360 view, VIP gondolas, and glass bottom controllers. The glass bottom gondola lets visitors light over the lush green landscape with a glass floor cabin that provides them with a beautiful view of the scenery. Visitors can also take a stroll on the Sky Bridge or experience the 3-D screening inside the skydome. In addition to this there are also other attractions like the sky glide, sky cab, and the MachingChang Petland.

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SkyGlide LangKawi

The unique ride is among the most thrilling things to do in panorama Langkawi. During this ride visitors will be in a cabin-like structure that contains glass windows which allows them to enjoy the beautiful views that surround them. Depending on the incline visitors are taken up and down the rail tracks that run across the entire area. The ride is a great way to reach the sky bridge in less time while also enjoying the views from a safe place. Visitors have to buy separate tickets for the SkyGlide and will share the ride with around 10-11 other people.

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Sky Dome

The most fascinating and fun things to do in panorama Langkawi, Skydome ride adds a special touch to the already fascinating experience by allowing 50 people to experience the 10 minute 3D journey. When it's busy, tourists can enjoy the skydome rather than standing in line to ride the cable car. The Dome has about 12 projectors that give viewers a 360-degree view with 3D stimulation from their seats. The visitors also experience the sensation of being carried upward into the next dimension before being launched on a breathtaking adventure through remote, far-off lands.

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Langkawi Sky Bridge

The Langkawi sky bridge offers the most beautiful views of the lush landscapes that surround this popular tourist destination. Taking a stroll on this fascinating cable hanging bridge is one of the most amazing and thrilling things to do in panorama Langkawi. During the visit visitors can hike to the sky bridge or take the sky glide. The bridge itself stands approximately 650 m above ground and has glass floors at different points for visitors to enjoy the scenery below them.

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Illusion 3D Art Museum
3D Art Museum

Exploring the 3-D art museum is amidst amazing and fun things to do in panorama Langkawi. Visitors get to watch the creative 3-D art and painting created by international artists on display in the galleries of the museum. The museum is divided into nine different thematic zones which include zones like the illusion zone, fantasy zone, safari zone among the others. The museum is spread across the area of 2100 ft.² and features digital artworks that I love by visitors from all around the globe. The museum is near the Oriental village and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Langkawi.

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6D Cinemotion Langkawi
6D Cinemotion

The 6D cinemotion is a popular activity and fun experience in Langkawi and first of its kind tourist attractions in Asia. It provides the visitors with an amazing and thrilling experience of 3-D movies screening at a very wonderful location. During the visit guests get to enjoy 3-D stereoscopic movies in their wonderful 5D seats which is a unique and fun experience for people of all age groups. A gust of wind, splashing water and other special effects make the experience worth a visit. The shows take place every 15 minutes each day and visitors flock to the movie screening for this.

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Oriental Village
Oriental Village

The Oriental village is nestled near the machine Jung mountain at the base and is a magnificent and beautiful place to visit in Langkawi. The village is located around 20 minutes away from the Langkawi international airport, and disease is accessible to the visitors. Every corner of this village is Instagram worthy and offers visitors a very lively and charming welcome. The villages also home to around 95 stores and cafes which provide amazing clothing and food experience to the visitors. It is also an operational base for the sky cab and sky bridge rides.

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Vr Universal
VR Universal

A wonderful virtual reality theme park, the VR universal is an amazing experience to enjoy amidst the many things to do in panorama Langkawi. The park includes 12 amazing attractions that lets visitors enjoy a virtual experience with their friends in the virtual world. Visitors can make their own avatars and play video games of different kinds and levels during their visit to the thematic park. These avatars can take part in various missions in the video games and interact with their friends in the virtual world who are also playing the game.

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Machinchang Petland
Machinchang Petland

As one of the most amazing and unique wildlife spaces, the MachinChang Petland is a beautiful zoo that lets visitors explore the green landscape and interact with the animals living there. There are a remarkable 81 species of domesticated animals that visitors will be able to communicate with, such as the Raccoon, Black Eyed Marmoset, tiny donkey, and many other adorable creatures. Additionally, tourists also have a chance of coming into contact with dangerous reptiles like the Sailfin Dragon, Burmese Python, and many others as they pose for photos with the fascinating creatures with Langkawi Cable car package.

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Sri Kandi Langkawi
Sri Kandi

Sri Kandi is centered around the Malaysian traditional dress that displays the strength and bravery of the nation's women. Heroic women who have consistently fought for women's rights, including Tun Teja, Tun Fatimah, and many more, were given a title; the Sri Kandi collection accurately captures their bravery. These warriors served as the inspiration for Sri Kandi's fashion legacy, which both men and women wear to feel more confident and strong. Visitors get to witness the proud culture and experience it from a close which is one of the best things to do in panorama Langkawi.

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Selfie Museum.jpeg
Selfie Museum

The Selfie museum is a unique, interactive and amazing space that provides visitors with a fun experience. The museum has various Dessert-based backgrounds that visitors can use as backdrops for their pictures during their visit. In addition to this the place is also decorated by amazing neon lights that definitely up the Instagram game of the visitors. They can click amazing selfies during their visit that will create a unique experience and profile theme. The backdrop in clothes pictures of donuts, cupcakes, ice creams and other desserts.

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The Sky Rex is another highlight of thrilling things to do in panorama Langkawi for visitors during their visit. The experience includes virtual stimulation that is enjoyed in a Tram like stimulator that takes them to an adventure of a new world. The dynamic experience lasts for about five minutes and includes 5D effects like amic motion, blasts of air, water spray and dramatic lighting.

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SkyBistro & SkyBoutique
SkyBistro & SkyBoutique

The Sky Boutique is one of the places where visitors can shop in the panorama of Langkawi region. The Boutique has many souvenirs like mugs, keychain, and amazing clothes that visitors can shop during their visit. Retail therapy is one of the best things to do in panorama Langkawi for visitors who are not adventurous or are afraid of heights.

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FAQs For Langkawi Cable Car

What is the location of Langkawi Cable Car?

The location of Langkawi Cable car is - Jalan Telaga Tujuh, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. The Langkawi cable car is nestled amidst the machinchang mountains.

What are the best attractions at Langkawi Cable Car?

  • Sky Glide: Inside a cabin-like structure that is surrounded by lush vegetation, visitors are taken on a delightful and informative ride. From top to bottom, the riders will go along the rails, creating a serene but thrilling experience. From the glider, the towering mountain and its breathtaking vegetation are clearly visible making it an essential activity among the things to do in panorama Langkawi.

  • 3D Art Museum: The 3D art gallery occupies a space of 21,000 square feet and is tucked away not far from the Oroental village. The 3D museum is home to some of the most amazing interactive paintings and 3D digital art pieces that have been commissioned by well-known artists throughout the world.

  • VR Universal: The VR Universal is a top-notch virtual reality experience made up of 12 incredible attractions spread out over a 12000 square foot space. Visitors can communicate with their virtual pals and experience virtual reality at the theme park. Visitors can don various avatars and play action-packed video games against zombies and malevolent characters.

  • Machinchang Petland: The Machinchang Petland is a special attraction that offers guests wonderful things to do in Langkawi while engaging with the animals in a secure setting. Raccoons, tiny donkeys, and many other fascinating animals are among the 81 species of magnificent animals that the zoo is home to. While visiting the zoo, tourists may get up and personal with unusual reptiles.

What are the best timings for Langkawi Cable Car?

The timings for Langkawi cable car from 10 AM in the morning to 6 PM in the evening for the weekdays. During the weekend the Langkawi cable car is open from 9:30 AM in the morning to 6 PM in the evening. The best time to visit Langkawi cable car is on weakdays. You can also visit there in morning.

Are the Langkawi Cable car Tickets the same for everyone?

No, the Langkawi cable car tickets are not the same for everyone. Visitors have to buy separate tickets depending on the age as the tickets are based on it. The adults and children have to buy separate tickets.

Where Can I get Langkawi Cable Car Tickets?

Visitors can buy their Langkawi cable car tickets online or at the base station ticket center at the tourist attraction itself.

How to reach Langkawi Cable Car?

To reach Langkawi cable car visitors can travel by a cab or a private car. They can also find scheduled buses that go to the bus station at the base of the Langkawi cable car. In addition to this they can book for tour packages that include hotel transfers.

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